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Huli Gives is a non-profit support through a FREE cash back program designed for non-profits.

 10% of Huli Gives gross proceeds from  

 Walmart affiliate commissions are 
Distributed to all registered 
Non-profits every 2 months 

Yearly donation examples, when you shop at Huli Gives. 

(Non Grocery items only )

    $300 PER MONTH   





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Greetings from our Huli Team !

HuliGives is a nonprofit support App approved by Every registered nonprofit gets a portion of every purchase made with the App when they shop through HuliGives. Walmart pays HuliGives to promote, and we are able to give back to nonprofits and pay consultants like you to help ! 

We are hiring talented Huli Gives consultants to simply share this FREE App available in the App Store and google play. These are work from home positions that are commission based, with weekly cash prizes for meeting App download requirements. Fill out the form to get started. Look for a email from HuliGives confirming your information before you start sharing your promo code.  We look forward to hearing from you !