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What is Huli Gives?

Huli Gives is a non-profit support through a cash back program designed for currently 6 non-profits. Huli Gives will donate 1% of all eligible purchases made by shopping through HuliGives. Donations will be paid out every 90 days. 

Are all Non-Profit Organizations eligible to receive donations? 

No, non-Profit Organizations that promote (Drugs, alcohol, sexual content, hate messages, abortion, or pyramid schemes), Huli Gives will not support. These non-profits will not be eligible for donations.


How is Huli Gives able to donate to Non-Profits? 

Huli Gives gets paid from Walmart to promote through their affiliate program.  This provides a way for Huli Gives to generate donations for your non-profit each time you shop 

For the program to work, purchases must be made through the HuliGives App, or  This is a simple way to support your favorite non-profit organization every time you shop, at no cost to you.   

How much money can I save shopping vs Amazon ? 

Walmart was 32.66% cheaper overall than Amazon in the most purchased category called HOME GOODS, OR "ESSENTIAL GOODS", and 10.37% overall cheaper. This is just one reason to consider doing your weekly online shopping with Huli Gives, and take advantage of the savings, and support non-profits at the same time for free.  See the article below that shows the shopping data comparisons. 

To see the entire MoneyWise article, please click use this link -

Which products are eligible for charitable donations?

Tens of millions of non-grocery products are eligible for donations. You can see eligible products categories by clicking here. 

Will my account remain the same ?

Yes, you will be using the same exact account, shop like normal, and have access to the the exact same low prices, vast selection, and convenient shopping experience.

What is the national average spent at Walmart each month per family ?

The national average of a shopper spends APROX $3600 per year on NON grocery items, such as paper products, household items, and other millions of products.  A group of 500 shopping at through Huli Gives, would produce an average of $4,000 per year. This is based upon the national average of each shopper spending $300 per month, on NON grocery items each month. 

When are donations paid?

Please CLICK HERE to see donation pay out calendar.

How is the donation amount determined? 

Since Huli Gives does not have access to any Walmart account information, donation amounts are based upon 1% of the total amount spent by the supporters of each nonprofit.  This keeps everyones information safe, and still allows non-profit organizations a good opportunity to receive donations exclusively. 


How do I shop with Huli Gives? 

To shop with Huli Gives simply go to your iOS App Store or Google Play Store, and download the Huli Gives App. For desktop user’s, you can go to register, and start shopping Walmart with Huli Gives.


Benjamin Waggoner - Owner Huli Gives, LLC

Contact us at 

"Live to Give"








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